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What Are Some Things That I Can Find At A Storage Unit silent Auction ideas?

Storage units and their contents vary greatly depending on the location of the unit as well as the reason for the items being stored. Chances are you will find items in the units that are far more valuable than the price you have paid for the unit itself.

The reasons why people place items in storage silent auction items ideas can be anything from moving to remodeling a home. How these units end up in default is anybody’s guess. At times people have simply forgotten about the unit but it can also be due to death or even incarceration.

No matter what the reason for the default you are going to be on the winning side of things when you buy one of these units. There is no telling what you can find.

A bidder at an auction that I once attended showed us pictures of what he found during a silent blind auction. A 1923 Model T chopped hot rod. The unit was full of tools and various high-end parts for the car. He sold the car as it sat for $7000.00 after having paid only $100 for the unit.

The entire inventory from a used book store was found in another storage unit at a recent auction. I did not win this bid because it was a silent auction and I were outbid by just $5.00. During another live auction, the doors were opened on a large unit and inside sat an almost-complete automotive repair shop. A shop that was planning on moving to a new location had stored everything in the unit including complete motors, several full Snap-On tool chests, engine hoists and much more, unfortunately the owner was arrested and sentenced to prison for drug dealing.

Other common finds include:
• Jewelry (real and costume)
• Sports cards
• Comic Books
• Tools
• Electronics
• Appliances
• Books and records
• Furniture
• Toys
• And much, much more

*NOTE* It is important to note that personal items are also commonly found in most of these storage units. Pictures, papers, and other personal possessions are normally stored and it is considered to be common courtesy to attempt to return these items to the rightful owner. You should contact the owner or an employee of the storage unit facility and leave the items with them so that they can contact the previous owner to be returned.